How it Works – A1 Forum What is the difference with other consulting marketplaces?

What is the difference with other consulting marketplaces?

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      • Teambuilder is a premium service dedicated for the members of our Network. Not everyone can access. This is a service that is part of the partner relationship we have with our members.
      • Teambuilder is a service from Consulting Quest, this is not a standalone digital marketplace. As such, we partner with you to find the right fit for your project. If the profile is not on the platform we will find it out of it using the methodologies for sourcing consultants that we use for consulting buyers.
      • Teambuilder provides exclusively subcontracting services. We don’t compete with our members.
      • We have extremely reasonable fees to make sure our service is valued but does not degrade your competitiveness in competitive projects.
      • We are global from the get go. You don’t necessarily need our services to find reliable subcontractors in your home territory. But can you say the same for a project that would be on the other side of the ocean ?
      • You can remain anonymous when posting project. We discuss about your need and provide you with a temporary alias for the sourcing part of your project
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