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What is the difference with other consulting marketplaces?

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    • Teambuilder is a premium service dedicated to Consulting Firms Members of our Network. Independent Consultants have the opportunity to work with them on their projects.
    • Our qualification process is extremely selective and based on former clients & colleagues actual feedback.
    • Teambuilder provides exclusively subcontracting services. We don’t compete with our members.
    • We have extremely reasonable fees to make sure our service is valued but does not degrade your competitiveness in competitive projects. Also, there are not reverse auctions internal to the platform.
    • We are global from the get go. If you are willing to travel, you can find missions all around the globe.
    • Teambuilder is a digital platform but remains human powered to facilitate all interactions. Consulting is a complex business and requires at times human to human interactions
    • As a Member of the Consulting Quest Network, you get access to all our services to increase your performance.

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